Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tweet, Tweet!

It is a new world out there with social media sites and not just fun only. One of the fastest growing and nearly mentioned everywhere is Twitter. From Larry King to Allure Magazine to endless corporations all seem to have an address on this social networking site, so there must be something to it.

You too can be a part of Twitter. But is there any potential for using Twitter as a writer’s tool? Twitter can be found at and should be considered as a mini blogging tool. The service is free and you are allowed to enter a series of small text entries (140 characters), known as tweets.

The basis of your posts can be interactive with other users.You can create your brief biography, customize a background, add an image and link to your blog. It is a good idea to follow along and watch others when you start out. Then tweet away, as tweets will announce you, your ideas and projects.

Make the most out of your tweeting experience with the following tips. They should help you succeed in your quest of conquering the masses on Twitter.

1. Join the conversation and build relationships. If you are a travel writer, fashion writer, techie; follow those in the industry and send a request to follow you. They often tweet the latest and you can get first dibs on any story lines. Head straight to @freelance_jobs, @journalismjobs, @media_pros and @mediabistrobs and follow them immediately.

2. If you need assistance on something, tweet your question. Tweeting often leads to response tweets from your followers offering helpful suggestions and links to other resources. Writing is no longer a lonely profession.

3. Twitter Feed is used by Twitter users to broadcast writing gigs. The search engine at the bottom of the Twitter screen is the place to visit. Enter into search writer, freelance writer, blogger, etc, and see what comes up. Your next gig may be a click away especially perspective client is tweeting about job listings.

4. Post links to your latest work, Helium zone, blog or anything that helps promote you and your writing. Offer help and answer questions related to your level of expertise. Always respond to anything addressed to you.

5. This one will sound pushy, but as you gain more followers, just ask for a job. Begin to send your portfolio or website to all potential clients. You can establish your expertise with them and stand out from the crowd.

Are you a twitter and actively use it to promote your writing?

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  1. Thanks for the Twitter rundown, Veronica!
    Tweet, Tweet!