Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Begin as a Part-time Writer

Since the popularity of the Internet, more and more people are venturing into professional writing. The great news is there are numerous opportunities abound, even for a novice writer. For many of these novices, undertaking writing can gradually lead to a part-time business while they still maintaining a day job. This makes sense given the economic downturn right now.

Writing should be a contrast from the drudgery of the “day job,” but there can be set backs with part-time writing.

The number one culprit is “burn out.” In fact, many part-time freelancers never make it past a few on-line or print gigs, without throwing in the towel. A budding writer with the potential to make the transition to a full-time time writer can be easily discouraged.

There is no denying that set backs can happen even for full time writers. As a new part-time freelance writer on the block, take note of these tips to assure you do not get used up before you even begin.

• Begin your part time writing with one of the on-line writing sites. Not only can your earn some money but can gain knowledge and build a portfolio.

• Find where to look for work as you gain more experience. Several freelance writing blogs have job listings each day. Set some time to go through these listings, apply and make sure your cover letter is error free. You are presenting you and your talent.

• Rushing into the world of writing too fast only to make a quick buck never works. Quality work is always better than quantity. Trying to do twenty articles a day is exhaustion and you want to have a steady clientele.

• Remember you are a professional writer first in a legitimate business. Set aside a dedicated area to write in, free from distraction.

• Invest in your craft by making sure you have all the proper and powerful equipment and software for your freelance writing business.

• Join some social networking sites. Get to know other freelance writers with sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Hack Writers Guild. A circle of peers who share valuable tips will never let you feel as though you are alone.

• Never on Sunday or whatever day you choose. Having both a day job and a part-time freelancing can take away from your personal life. Schedule a day or time frame to chill out; otherwise you will resent being a freelance writer.

• Monitor of your successes. Keeping a log of successful projects completed is an important task for the beginning freelancer. Not only this record encourage you when you feel discouraged, but will form the basis for your professional portfolio.

The rest is up to you. A transition may take place for you to become a full time freelance writer.


  1. Veronica-

    This is a terrific post! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts - I know we can all take a lesson away from this - and mine is the take a day off thing :)

  2. I agree that this was very informative. I am still in the very beginning phases of this whole ride, and your tips are helpful for me to get my head around some things.

  3. Great tips here. This post is a terrific reference to hang on a bulletin board to read every day.