Monday, April 6, 2009

Hello everyone!

Hi! I am Shelley. I am a homeschooling mom to three kids that also are very into competitive swimming. The youngest two are twins.

I am very new to writing. Aside from Helium, I haven't done too much. Many, many people over the years have told me I should write a book (why, exactly, I am not sure), but about a year ago, I finally decided I would. It's around 55,700 words at this point and I think it may be about half done. It is, very briefly, about a boy, a dragon and some adventure. I think children near my oldest son's age (eleven) will be the target audience.

Not long ago, I decided to reach outside my Microsoft Word program and put some writing out into the real world sort of as a test. This is where Helium comes in. I have gained some experience, confidence and am beginning to learn a bit about what works and what doesn't as far as writing is least with articles.

The next step for me is to edit some of the articles that are doing less well than the majority of them. Also, I am interested in bridging the gap from thinking about making money doing freelancing to actually making money doing freelancing. I am hoping that some of you more successful types can aid in my transition. I also am hoping to eventually figure out how to get the dragon and boy book published, but that is not my next major writing hurdle currently.

I very much look forward to learning with and from all of you in the near future. Thanks for the invitation to join this community. I think it will be fun.


  1. Hi Shelley!

    Thanks for posting - Sometimes that first step can lead to lots of good things! :) We will be tossing around some Q&A, strategy and ideas for getting more work as the weeks go by!

  2. I am excited to have that happen. Thanks for inviting me.