Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi I'm Isabelle,

I have been an internet travel writer since August 2000. While I have never come close to SG's success, in my own sphere I am quite well know.

I have made enough to pay for my 9 grandchildrens Christmas gifts every year as well as parlayed my writing skills into free press trips and lots of other travel perks.

Helium has been a nice addition to my writing since now I can write about other things besides for travel, it has been very eye opening for me.

I like the community at Helium as well, though with all my years at I also have strong community ties there. We even had get togethers which might not be such a bad idea at Helium.

I guess I like making new friends almost as much as I like writing. I even submitted one of my poems on Helium, which since they are a very private part of me is a big deal.

Anyway it is great to know that we can all make some money with something we enjoy so much.

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  1. Hi Iz!

    Under the name Belle Starr, Isabelle has done a lot of great work lately. I'm glad to have you here!