Thursday, April 2, 2009

Calling all Freelancers...

Hey, peeps!

This is our blog. Not just mine. I know a lot of us are Heliumites, but I thought it would be nice to have our own little corner where we can shout out our gigs, ask for advice and share each others' joys and woes.

Lets all post an intro to get things started, shall we? Your name, how you started writing, where you are on your journey towards freelancing for a living or part time hobby, and what you are working on right now. I'll start.

Hi! I'm Sarah Grace.

I began writing in February 2008, when I broke down and bought myself a computer. I ended up making about $22K in the last eight months of 2008, and have been supporting my family with my freelance work almost exclusively.

Right now I am working on a parenting self esteem ebook with an online children's games resource guide; another ebook for leadership in tough times; articles for a wholesale freshwater pearl jewelry website as well as a well known parenting guru's site; I blog for an SEO website and for their SEO news blog as well; and I write go-green fundraiser articles for two different sites owned by the same entity.

Trying to land a few more steady clients to fill in the gaps - I have one on the line, so we'll see!

I am preparing to launch my own freelance training website and firm, so that will be my focus as soon as I stabilize.

What are you doing?

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