Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here We Go

Hi! My name is Kristina, and I'm a hack. This is a support group, right?

Let's see... I joined Helium in December 06, but didn't write anything because I was terrified- I had only ever written academic work and personal journals. After waiting entirely too long, I started contributing content and learning the ropes of web writing. Somehow, between then and now, writing became my main source of income.

Currently, my online writing is with Demand Studios and Examiner. I occasionally chime in on Helium, but hope to spend more time there than I do right now. I have a monthly gig editing a newsletter and re-writing portions of it for a different audience, and I'm hoping to acquire more projects through freelance sites. I also help out with other projects that come my way.

My usual daily routine is: coffee, reading, reading, reading, coffee, writing, reading, reading, coffee, bid on project, reading, reading, reading, "Hey Sarah Grace, what the *expletives deleted* does this mean and what do I do?", reading, reading, coffee, writing, writing, reading, "Hey Sarah Grace...". Yeah, you get the point :)

I'm spinning in circles and trying to figure out which way is up. Sarah Grace always points me in the right direction, and I hope she lets me write a horribly cheesy testimonial for her services when the website launches. :)
But I love what I do right now. There are ups and downs; yet, it keeps on getting better!

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  1. Kristina is a fun person to chat with at midnight, too - if you haven't gone off on a tanget in Gchat with her you have definitely missed out ;)