Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hi, Molly Rose here...

Hi everyone! Molly Rose is the name I answer to, now. It’s part me and part who I want to be. In high school, about a million years ago, (well, maybe not quite) I did well on an English paper and liked the feeling. At that time, I was more into riding horseback and drawing than writing, though.

Over the years, I spent many long days sitting in a truck waiting to drive a few miles and wait again. What’s good to fill those long hours spent alone? You’ve got it - writing and drawing! Notebooks, pens, and pencils always accompanied me. Later, adding a camera let wildlife become my target.

Drawing and lettering posters and signs was something that always found me, no matter where I was working. In college, classes requiring papers were where I did best. Tests that were papers rather than questions were usually aced. This gave me the idea maybe I could write.

Just before Christmas of 2007, I was able to buy a new computer. On January 12, 2008, Helium appeared on the screen. With no idea how I got there, I find everyday that I’m glad I did! It’s a good place to learn bunches about writing and make wonderful friends.

Right now, I’m ‘peeping’ out from under Sarah Grace’s wing in the freelance world. I’ve done a number of projects for her, and am currently working on several. I’ve learned so much since starting it’s truly amazing. With each piece, it gets easier, and I’m looking forward to many more in the future.

Writing and actually being paid for doing so is a dream come true. Thank you, Sarah Grace, for you help, encouragement, and friendship!

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  1. Molly Rose!

    So glad you are here - you are the sunshine of the group!