Thursday, April 30, 2009

Creative Writing - What's your motive?

First of all I'd like to state that if you are considering or exploring the idea of becoming a Creative Writer, do it because it's a passion and not because of money. The true fact is folks, you'll never get rich being a "Creative Writer". Well, unless you write an instant hit like Harry Potter.

Most well known writers became famous first and foremost by word of mouth recognition. Someone liked what they read and passed on the information. Getting your name out there is the key. Good recommendations, mean great word of mouth, equaling free publicity!

Creative writing encompasses many genres, such as short stories, poetry, memoirs, reflections, satire and humor, so know which genre you are good at. You might be good at writing short stories, but you find your poetry draws the most recognition. Establish your name in poetry first, then pursue short story writing as a secondary genre.

It's important to know about the creative genre you've chosen. If you don't understand the principles of that genre, how do you expect your viewing audience to understand or even like what you are doing? Take classes, read information, read others works and do writing exercises. We all begin at the lower end of the totem pole.

Remember not everyone will like what you write! Everyone's taste varies, so don't be shocked if you hear negative things. Use the negative as a honing tool to sharpen quality writing skills. There is always something you can improve on. Even if you are writing for yourself, keep in mind you want to do the best you can. Have pride in your writings.

Okay, so here's the low down. Creative Writers don't get rich quick, don't expect over night success. Get your name out there first before you even consider making money. Your name is what is valuable in the writing community. Use negative feedback as your guide to improve weak areas of writing.

In life first we stumble about, then our steps become less wobbly and then finally we walk on stable ground because we've become familiar with our surroundings. This is the way of the creative writing world. Passion for writing and baby steps first.


  1. On criticism:
    One of my favorite stories is that of Hemingway's response to critics. He didn't read poor reviews and cry in the corner. No. He found the critic and punched him in the face. :)
    Not everyone will love what you do. It's more important that YOU love what you do.
    Nice post!

  2. Kristina, that is an awesome way to look at criticism!! I knew I liked Hemingway!!

    Thanks miss Grace :)

  3. Although creative writing isn't my bag, I'm sending your post to a friend. Thanks, Missy!